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              ... which can be like a calm lake, ready to accept and
               deal with any input appropriately, or a raging white
               water river into which things disappear without us
               noticing them...

Every time you are distracted by someone, the phone, an email or your own thoughts, your productivity and focus disappear into the whitewater of your mind.

When you get back to the task at hand you have not only wasted productive time but this can also cause frustration and stress because things take longer to complete and you may have a sense of underachievement.

Here is a solution, popularised by David Allen in his book "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stressfree Productivity" (get a copy!): get things out of your head and into your system (Outlook, iPad, does not matter) and you will become calmer, more focused, relaxed, productive and, yes, happier...
"Monday, Monday, so good to me..."
I enjoy linking everyday observations (like the above) with the quest for living a more productive and happier life in my professional and personal roles.  These are the kind of musings and practical tips that find their way into my Monday Morning Productivity Memo and the occasional newsletter, which I am inviting you to subscribe to.
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